Red Tiger Dice: An Overview

Red Tiger’s R7 partnership’s Dice Dice Dice keeps the fruit slot freight train rolling forward. This unique take on the classic fruit machine genre is made possible by the use of one of the oldest gambling gadgets ever devised: the dice. Some individuals do things for money and glory; others do them for the sheer joy of it. R7 appears to fall into the latter category, as they continue to be as mysterious as ever despite the proliferation of information technology. That’s quite rare these days. Are they real? They’re starting to sound like Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Someone, in some secret lab, is keeping popular slot machines in production.

Their first album, Devil’s Number, was a thrilling foray into the underworld and a respectable start to their discography. R7 is a corporation that does things a little differently than most others. They have reversed the typical pattern of entering the mainstream, amassing a following, and then shifting to the margins. And there’s nothing more conventional than a fruit slot, although DDD does have some special touches.

Dice Dice Dice has a great visual style, with its 5×3 grid housed in a slot machine that seems like it came straight out of Vegas. The machine is decked out in shiny metal and bright primary colors, giving it a distinctly American feel. The blurred casino gaming hall in the background, visible at certain screen sizes, provides a nice touch of atmosphere to the proceedings. When the reels spin and the bonus features activate, the only audible cues are the occasional beep and rumble. Players set stakes from as low as 10 p/c and as high as $/€20 every spin. You can manually spin the reels, or you can use auto and/or turbo spins to get into the swing of things. Only 10 out of a possible 50 possible paylines are active in this game.

Symbols mean precisely what they seem to mean. Cherry, plum, orange, watermelon, bell, and diamond are listed in ascending order. The highest paying combination is five fiery fortunate 7s, which pays out 15 times the wager. Dice Dice Dice, like many other fruit machines, performs best at a constant, casual pace. Because there are no scatter symbols, there are no free spins or other bonus games to look forward to. With a return on investment of 95.74%, it falls just short of the norm. This helps gains occur in flurries and lulls because to the medium/high volatility, and overall the returns can be very decent.

The features of Dice Dice Dice (Red Tiger) are similar to those of other fruit machines. Instead, the emphasis is on a steady rhythmic pace and basic gameplay. Nonetheless, the features that are present might be highly potent.

You’ll find Lucky Dice icons on the third reel. Each one is rolled when it becomes part of a winning combination, and the result is added to the payout. A Lucky Dice symbol will often consist of a single die, though it is possible for there to be two or even three dice present. To significantly boost your chances of winning, they can span the entire third reel.

The grid will be visibly shaken when the second feature, Rolling Respins, is active. Lucky Dice have an increased chance of landing when this feature is active, which can happen at any time. If they do hit, the multiplier will increase by one each Respin, leading to potentially high totals. Since there is no fixed limit to Respins, their frequency is likewise completely at random. In our experiments, they typically arrived in groups of 10 or so, and as the multiplier grew, so did the rewards.

Red Tiger Dice (DDD): The Verdict

There is no shortage of slot machines with a fruit theme. Every developer is required to crank out at least one only to keep the conservative gamblers pleased. Dice Dice Dice may be in a genre that has been oversaturated, but after seeing what it can do, you have to give R7 credit for a job well done. It’s not groundbreaking or impossible to miss, and it has some similarities to NetEnt’s Grand Spinn, but it does have a few innovations that set it apart from the competition.

If we’re talking about games that stand out from the crowd, it’s not easy to find a slot that uses dice rolls to determine multipliers. It’s a clever plan that, if implemented, is easy to understand. It’s one of those deceptively straightforward ideas that makes you wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. And it’s amazing how much a multiplier can change things. A full house of 7s would only pay out 150 times your wager if they weren’t present. If you trigger the game-changing Rolling Respins feature, you might win as much as 5,497 times your initial wager. A juicy potential, and together with the ingenious elements make the game intriguing even if fruit slots aren’t exactly your thing.

Dice Dice Dice is a better than average fruit machine. Visually, it succeeds, and the brisk action makes for a winning combination. With DDD, R7 achieves the speed and simplicity expected of fruit machines. No convoluted rules or reel dynamics slow down the movement. If you enjoy fruit machine games or are just in the mood to play a visually appealing, up-to-date fruit machine, you may want to check it out. It’s safe to say that fun times can be had with Dice Dice Dice.






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