For speakers

So you’ve been invited to speak at a FinTech event, but you’ve spotted it has a predominantly white male line up. What’s a guy to do?

  • Explain to the organiser that you’re minded to decline unless they can demonstrate a commitment to diversity. Use our email template below for ideas.
  • Help the organiser to find more diverse speakers. Send them a link to our event organiser page so they can find out how.
  • Share ideas on finding more diverse speakers. Offer to send a female colleague in your place, or suggest a woman in your network.
  • Don’t call the organiser out on public unless you’ve highlighted the issue and they still refuse to do anything about it.
  • Ask questions about diversity and accessibility. Even if you don’t need special arrangements yourself, you’ll encourage conference organisers to think about these issues. Terence Eden has written up some ideas on his blog: “Spend a few of your privilege points on making the event a bit more inclusive for everyone who attends”

Here’s some template text you can use if invited to an event which isn’t diverse.

Hi [organiser]

Thanks for your kind invitation to speak at [event]. This year I committed to only speaking at events which have a commitment to being truly diverse.

Before I commit to this event, I’d like to confirm that this event will feature speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.


I couldn’t help but notice the line-up announced for [event] so far doesn’t look promising in this respect. Are you taking any steps to make the speaker line-up reflect a broader range of background and experience?

If you’re unable to find female speakers, I’d be happy to put you in touch with my colleague [name] who is highly knowledgable and would be able to take my place.

You can also find more resources on finding diverse speakers at

Many thanks,